Blue Vista Solutions provides consulting services across multiple disciplines and a diverse set of problem spaces.  We have a proven track, and stand behind our products and services long after the project has finished.

We can work on-site if you are within short commute distances from our offices near Utica, NY, or take advantage of numerous telecommute options if outside our normal area.

Working with Exelis Inc, under contract with the DHS, we are doing market analysis and outreach for a web site aimed at the community of Cyber Forensics experts in the US
Under contract with SRC Cyber, we extended the functionality of their SCADA protection system to allow secure export of operational data to outside systems (an OT-IT bridge).
In partnership with Green Lakes Software Consulting, we migrated the database used by the NRCC from MS Access to SQL Server on AWS, and created a series of web pages for their users.

System Integration
We excel at bridging the gap between complex systems, human interactions, and system utilization, having worked on MOCVD systems for the semiconductor industry and EBF3 systems for NASA.
End to End Software Design
Over 35 years of experience across multiple domains allow us to bring expertise to every stage of a software project. From inital design, through implementation, to documentation, deployment, and customer support.
Market Analysis & Execution
Making best advantage of industry insight and communication skills, we are able to educate your customers and bring you to a wider audience. This can be as simple as web page dedign, or as robust as full video production.